About Stoneleaf Tile...

Jeanette Dubela
    Tile Artist & Owner

A few years ago I made a decision to leave corporate America to pursue a new direction based in creativity rather than Biotech. I've always enjoyed working with clay and had my own ideas about tile.  Initially by working exclusively with leaves, I developed a system for manufacturing leaf shaped tile from any leaf imaginable. Leaves dovetailed into butterflies & shells & everything else.  I also make nature themed stoneware doorbells! I enjoy working with individuals and businesses to turn their everyday tiled areas into functional, beautiful, inspiring & completely unique works of art.

I exclusively use quality, high-fire stoneware clays & glazes which result in a strong tile with an earthy look and water tight qualities, Stoneleaf Tile & Mosaic  has a reputation for offering highly personalised and customized service. I place great emphasis on building trust in my client relationships and I tailor my approach to meet each individual client’s needs. I work as quickly as possible but the process of transitioning from a brick of wet clay to a finished tile does take time. 

My home and studio in New Hampshire is where I reside with my family and animal family. We live in a  beautiful corner of the country where the ever-changing seasons dictate our daily lives. In my work and life I strive to represent the simple beauty and inherent goodness that can be translated into our own lives through God, family, nature and friends...both human and animal.